Translation Services

Translation Services


Translation and Localization

We employ professional translators all over the world to optimize the integration of our clients’ product literature into foreign markets. Language experts are carefully selected for each project based on their industry-specific expertise, which ensures that we provide the greatest cultural, technical and regulatory accuracy for each translation, regardless of its field or specialty.


No job is considered done immediately after translation. To confirm that we have produced the precise language, content and style expected by the intended audience, another qualified translator thoroughly edits the document and revises it as needed. A Technical Accuracy Check on Translation™ or TACT™ is an important part of this process, in which only the technical terms within the translated document are scrutinized.


Following the editing process, a linguist who specializes in the art of proofreading further compares the document with its original source text, searching for any grammar inconsistencies or spelling errors that may have been overlooked. The end result is a polished document that reads like it should and makes your company look good!

Terminology and Database Management

We do this exceptionally well! The care we put into managing a translation memory database and glossary of terms for each of our clients awards them important benefits. Parenty Reitmeier utilizes the most effective translation memory software on the market. A customized glossary and translation database is prepared and maintained for each client. These tools and style guides improve content accuracy and consistency, which translates into great time and cost savings.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Many clients choose to enjoy the benefits of working with our in-house desktop publishing department. Fully proficient in both the MAC and PC platforms, these typographic experts can finalize the appearance of any document regardless of its shape and size. Our desktop publishers seamlessly weave newly translated text into previously existing layouts, without ever compromising the original document’s integrity. This allows us to deliver your project files in the same format in which they were received, along with viewer-friendly, print-ready PDFs. From multilingual typesetting to graphic design, we are prepared to reproduce any file using any software, including:
  • Web-based content (for example, HTML, XML or Java Script)
  • Websites
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • QuarkXpress
  • Flash
  • FrameMaker