Terminology and Database Management

What makes us unique is our peerless quality control.

Parenty Reitmeier leverages the technical capabilities of translation memory software. Customized glossaries and databases are carefully maintained for each client. This ensures consistency in terminology and style while reducing the amount of time and money required for each project.

Although these tools are very effective, they are only as good as the people who manage them. And we do this exceptionally well!

Our extensive knowledge on how to maximize their efficiencies has awarded us a reputation for being able to gain the most benefits from these tools for our clients.

Nunavut Region

As one of the largest suppliers of Indigenous-language translation services for Northern Canada, Parenty Reitmeier is committed to helping private and public sectors offer their essential services to their clientele in various Inuit languages. Learn more

Parenty Reitmeier: Accurate and to the point.

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